Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why blog?

I know there's a lot of healthy recipes websites out there. So why create another? First, I wanted to digitally keep track of healthy recipes I like and easily share them with friends and family. Second, although there's a lot of other health foods sites, I feel like a lot of them dive into the "impractical"---they often go meatless, use tofu, and add lots of green stuff to soups. And while that may be healthy, most of our husbands wouldn't eat that food, let alone our kids! So here's my go at entering the blogging world with healthy recipes and tips and tricks to eating healthier and creating healthier, more wholesome meals.

Now, I'm no culinary genius. I lack a knack for creating my own recipes, but I love finding new healthy recipes...though my "to try" list far outweighs my "tried and true" list. I'm also no health nut. I don't always eat healthy and have slight addiction to Sonic, carbs, and ice cream. That's why I run. And why I try to cook healthy---to make up for when I don't eat healthy :)

Since I'm always looking for new and healthy recipe ideas, please share them! Email me your recipes, and your comments/critiques for the recipes I post. If you send me a recipe, add any additional info, i.e. easy, quick, inexpensive, kid friendly, etc. And if your recipe calls for any unusual ingredient, please share where you found it (I hate finding a new recipe to try and then can't find a key ingredient!).

Here's to good and healthy cooking!

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